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Founded in June 2006, Throne Room Orphanage & Educational Center, Inc., is a charitable organization registered in the United States and Sierra Leone.TROEC seeks to better the lives of orphaned children by providing shelter, clothing, food, counseling, and vocational services. Since the civil war ended in Sierra Leone, child fostering has become the preferred solution for over 800,000 orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children.


For over five years now,TROEC as one of the registered Residential Care home in Sierra Leone, with Ms. Kai Cooper and Mr. Fode Conte at the helm of affairs had rescued vulnerable children across the nation. Their passion for children, and commitment to each child's stability, has been their driving force. Cooper and Conte have opened their own home to many orphans providing them shelter, food and other facilities.


After recognizing that the needs of these children were greater than what they envisaged, Cooper-Conte family could hardly support it financially. Kai Cooper resigned from her job with the City of Alexandria and devoted all her efforts to helping these children. After selling most of their possessions, they purchased 4 acres of land to build an orphanage and the Educational Center that will house over 50 children.


The building process has been an on-going effort, and in the process of completion.

Our Mission

TROEC's mission is to provide homes and community services for orphaned and underprivileged children in Sierra Leone, by utilizing its available human, physical and financial resources to make these children independent and responsible members of society.


TROEC wants to give hope to children by enabling them to live meaningful and productive lives in a community setting. Our ultimate aim is to raise a new Sierra Leone, from ashes to rainbow, where a child can walk to school, and get the proper education required to have a meaningful lives. We want to assist youths with vocational training so they can reach their highest potential and become fruitful, contributing members of their communities.

Our Goal

TROEC's goal is to care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and to provide them with a safe, stable and loving home. While in our care, we will teach them to be well-rounded and productive citizens. TROEC will assist children to become self-sufficient through the various vocational training, they will become teachers and will be able to transfer their knowledge gained to the communities in which they live. Through an intensive program centered on inter-disciplinary studies, research, and practice.

TROEC group
staff member
Zainab Kamara and other staff members dishing food for distribution to the children of TROEC
Amare Barrie
Amara S. Barrie distributing donated items to the children of TROEC
TROEC giving


  • Bishop Kibby Otoo
  • General Overseer, Action Chapel Virginia (ACV)
  • Mrs. Kai Cooper-Conte
  • President
  • Ms. Carol M. Kamara
  • Vice President/Event Planner
  • Mr. Fode Conte
  • Treasurer 1 & Co-Founder
  • Ms. Audrey Suppey
  • Treasurer 2
  • Ms. Zion Essuman
  • Secretary



  • Alhaji Bassie Turay
  • Project Overseer
  • Ms. Zainab Kamara
  • Treasurer
  • Fr. Daniel Libby
  • General Overseer/Sierra Leone
  • Abie Sesay 01123276600070
  • Secretary
  • Hassan Kargbo 01123277678254
  • Nurse
  • Mrs. Hawa Dumbuya
  • House Mother
  • Ms. Fatu Koroma
  • Cook