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Our Orphanage

The orphanage will cater to 50 children and counting. It will contain a cafeteria that will provide nutritious meals daily. Additionally, the children will be provided with clothing. Consequently, with the basic needs being met, the children can focus on their educational development, learning certain skills, recreational activities, etc., that will enable them to function as well as most other children in society. These children deserve to be given a chance to become productive adults, despite their pain and suffering.

TROEC's goal is to be the leading local initiative in assisting children affected by the war: abandoned and helpless children, and poor and weak children who lack the necessary parental support and care. TROEC will give them hope and a better future. What you see in celebrity endorsements and on television only cover a portoin of the reality these children have to face every day.

Your donation should come from the heart. What you give is up to you. The penny you may randomly toss aside is like a world of wealth to these children. Some people believe that you need to give alot to save a child. Your dollar can quench a child's thirst; your gently-used shoes can be a delight to a child; your gently used shirts can enable a child to sleep better at night; and your heart can make a child feel loved. That is why it is important to give. These children are often overlooked. They need fathers and mothers. Please help fill the parental void in their lives. Without your help, they will be lost in society.

volunteers giving some stuff
Staff distributing candies
posing with the orphans
posing with the orphans
Speech by Ms. Cooper